Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 7 MLB Power Rankings

By Nick Ziegler (@Ziggy26x)

MLB Power Rankings Week 7

1.) Texas Rangers (29-15) - The Rangers are back in the number one spot in the rankings after a great week of baseball. They won five games this week, which included taking three out of four against the Tigers to finish the week.

2.) St Louis Cardinals (28-15) - The Cardinals are still playing good baseball and have the best record in the National League. The pitching has been magnificent for the Cardinals all season, but Jaime Garcia is heading to the DL.

3.) New York Yankees (27-16) - The Yankees continue to find ways to win in large part due to their pitching staff. They got Curtis Granderson back in the lineup this week, but lost Andy Pettitte to a back injury, which is sending him to the DL.

4.) Boston Red Sox (27-17) - After a drop in the ranking last week the Red Sox are right back in the top five, as their offense has snapped out of the funk that they were in, and as the offense improved the Red sox finished the week winning five straight games.

5.) Cleveland Indians (25-17) - Quite possibly the hottest team in all of baseball in the last month, the Indians are now leading the AL Central. Justin Masterson is looking like a CY Young candidate with seven wins already.

6.) Pittsburgh Pirates (26-18) - The Pirates have found a spark to their rotation in Francisco Liriano, who is (2-0) with 16 strikeouts. The offense does need to improve a bit if the Pirates want to finish the season over .500, and possibly make the playoffs.

7.) Cincinnati Reds (26-18) - The Reds are playing well, and are getting their ace back on Monday, as Johnny Cueto is set to make his return against the Mets. Getting on base for Sin-Shoo-Choo and Joey Votto has been easy this season, as they are 1-2 in the majors in OBP.

8.) Arizona Diamondbacks (25-19) - Starting Pitching has been great for the Diamondbacks with Wade Miley, Trevor Cahill, and Patrick Corban, but Paul Goldschmidt is looking like an MVP, as he’s batting .333 with 12 homeruns and 33 RBIs.

9.) Atlanta Braves (25-18) - The Braves are in first place in the NL East and have the leader in homeruns on their team in Justin Upton who has 14 already. Justin’s brother B.J. however is still hitting poorly at .145 for the year.

10.) Colorado Rockies (24-20) - The Rockies were struggling head into their weekend series against the Giants, but winning three out of four against their division rival may put them back on track with Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez both having great seasons.

11.) Detroit Tigers (23-19) - Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera is at it against this season leading the AL in batting average and RBIs, and a three homerun game on Sunday puts Cabrera right on the doorstep of the lead in the AL in homeruns.

12.) San Francisco Giants (24-20) - Pitching has been the key to winning World Series rings for the Giants, but with Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, and Ryan Vogelsong struggling its been the offense winning games for the Giants this season.

13.) Tampa Bay Rays (23-20) - Matt Moore is carrying the Rays rotation with David Price struggling, and now on the DL, as Moore is (8-0) and looking like the favorite to win the CY Young in the AL so far.

14.) Oakland Athletics (23-22) - Oakland is back over .500, as despite not having great team batting average, they are ninth in runs scored, which is due to them leading the majors in walks.

15.) Washington Nationals (23-21) - The Nationals offense is the second worst in the NL only better than the Marlins, which is why the Nationals are just two games above .500, as their pitching is still one of the best in baseball.

16.) Baltimore Orioles (23-20) - The Orioles are still one of the best offenses in baseball, but their makeshift Starting rotation is struggling, as injuries are mounting up for the Orioles resulting in a five-game losing streak.

17.) Kansas City Royals (20-20) - A tough weekend series against the Athletics caused the Royals to fall back to the .500 mark, as they were swept by Oakland losing all three games by one run.

18.) San Diego Padres (20-23) - The dreadful start to the Padres season seems to be long behind them, as they are right on the doorstep of .500 with the lineup scoring runs at home, which was apparent in their 13-4 win on Sunday against the Nationals.

19.) Philadelphia Phillies (21-23) - The Phillies finished the week in dramatic fashion with back to back homeruns off Aroldis Chapman, but they are still under .500 with a lineup that is struggling to hit.

20.) Seattle Mariners (20-24) - The beginning of the week looked very good for the Mariners taking the series on the road against the Yankees, but then the Mariners headed to Cleveland and lost three straight games to the Indians, as the offense continues to struggle to hit with people on base.

21.) Chicago White Sox (19-23) - The White Sox are starting to play a bit better thanks to Chris Sale pitching fantastic, but they still rank in the bottom of the league in most offensive categories with Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko both having awful seasons.

22.) Minnesota Twins (18-22) - Reality has seemed to set in for the Twins surprising start to the season, as they have lost five straight games, all of which were at home, and 15 of their next 20 games are on the road.

23.) New York Mets (17-24) - The Mets finished the week strong winning three of their last four games, as Matt Harvey continues to dominate, and the Mets also saw a good start from Jon Niese against the Cardinals after a few tough starts for the Left-Hander.

24.) Chicago Cubs (18-25) - An already strong rotation is going to get stronger for the Cubs when Matt Garza comes back, but they need to start scoring runs and getting some better pitching from their bullpen if they want to win more games.

25.) Los Angeles Angels (17-27) - The Angels are still 10 games under .500, but help is on the way soon for the bullpen and rotation, as Jered Weaver, Kevin Jepsen, and Ryan Madison are all due back soon.

26.) Los Angeles Dodgers (17-25) - The Dodgers have been spending a lot of money the last two years, but they haven’t seen to many results on the field, as the bullpen cost them two wins this week, and have 13 losses this season.

27.) Toronto Blue Jays (17-26) - The starting rotation is still struggling for the Blue Jays, which is why they are in last place in the AL East more than 10 games back of the Yankees. Josh Johnson is set to come back soon, and the Blue Jays will need him to pitch well right away.

28.) Milwaukee Brewers (17-25) - The Brewers are in last place in the NL Central in large part due to poor pitching, and Rickie Weeks batting below .200 with just 10 RBIs this season.

29.) Houston Astros (12-32) - The Astros have the worst pitching in baseball, but they were a little bit better this week, as with 12 wins they have to take any bright spot they can get.

30.) Miami Marlins (12-32) - The Marlins offense is so awful without Giancarlo Stanton, but they were able to squeak out a 2-1 win on Sunday to end a seven game losing streak. Miami is going nowhere fast and will be either last or second to last in the rankings all year.

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