Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Geno Struggles Against Patriots

By Ryan McDonald(@RonnieMac90)

The Jets fell to 1-1 on the season after a 13-10 lost to the Patriots in Foxborough Thursday night. It was a mistake filled night for both teams but the Patriots made less.

It was a missed opportunity for the Jets, as Tom Brady looked anything but his normal self. Brady missed numerous throws early on, overthrowing a touchdown pass to Edelman. Combined with the rookie receivers the Patriots had out there which resulted in numerous drops and miscommunications, it was anything but the normal passing attack we've come to expect from the Patriots. However, even with all of the Patriots offensive problems, the Jets couldn't capitalize.

The young rookie Geno Smith looked like a rookie, throwing for 3 interceptions, all in the fourth quarter. One interception was the result of a bad decision by Geno to throw into coverage while the Jets were in field goal range. The other two interceptions were the result of poorly thrown balls late in the fourth quarter. It's definitely a setback for Geno, but there are other factors that largely contributed to the Jets loss.

There were some positives for the Jets in this game. Mainly, they were able to find their running game. Against Tampa Bay in week 1, the Jets were not able to run the ball at all. That changed against the Pats as Chris Ivory rushed 12 times for 52 yards and Bilal Powell rushed 13 times for 48 yards and a touchdown. Unfortunately, the Jets went away from the running game in the 2nd half. Even though the Jets were only down a field goal, offensive coordinator Marty Morthinweg decided to go with more a pass heavy attack. It didn't work and Marty wasn't able to provide help for his rookie quarterback in playcalling.

It was an ugly game, and ended ugly with a scuffle breaking out after Geno's last interception. Two Jets offensive linemen, Willie Colon and D'Brickishaw Ferguson were ejected and fined heavily by the NFL for their actions during the scuffle. Luckily, they will not be suspended.

Next up for the New York Jets are the Buffalo Bills at MetLife. Both teams are 1-1 with one loss in the division.

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