Friday, October 4, 2013

W2W4: New York Jets vs Atlanta Falcons
By Nick Ziegler (@Ziggy26x)

October 7th, 2013

W2W4: New York Jets vs Atlanta Falcons

The New York Jets will be on the road in the South for the second straight week this time facing off against the Atlanta Falcons, whose tough beginning part of their schedule has the with a (1-3) record, making this game against the Jets a must win for Atlanta.

- Do Or Die

In the last two weeks the Atlanta Falcons have lost two straight game to AFC East teams, as in Week 3 they lost to the Dolphins on the road, and then in Week 4 they were defeated at home by the Patriots. Monday Night Football will be an important one for the Falcons in the tough NFC, and in their division alone the New Orleans Saints are (4-0). Last year the Falcons were close to making the Superbowl, and came into this season with a lot of expectations, and a loss to the Jets would in all likelihood make their chances of making the playoff very slim.

- Growing Pains

Jets rookie Quarterback Geno Smith is going through what many rookies before him have gone through entering the NFL, and that is growing pains learning how to be an NFL Quarterback. The biggest problem for Smith has been protecting the ball, as he has committed 11 turnovers already, with eight interceptions and three fumbles. To help their rookie out Marty Mornhinweg should try to run the ball a bit more, as so far this season Smith's least amount of pass attempts in a game is 29, and he has thrown as many as 38 passes in a game.

- Banged Up

As if Smith didn’t have enough on his plate with the turnover problems, on Monday night he will be without two of his weapons, as Santonio Holmes will likely be out with a hamstring and foot injury, and Stephen Hill will also likely be out with a concussion. On the defensive side of the ball rookie Dee Milliner will be out, which will make guarding Julio Jones and Roddy White that much harder, even though both of them have been battling injuries so far this season. For the Falcons their running back Steven Jackson will be out, Cornerback Asante Samuel is questionable, and Tackle Sam Baker will be out with a knee injury.

This will in all likelihood be a loss for the Jets, as the Falcons have their backs against the wall, and are in need for a win before their chances slip away. Even if the Jets do lose it will be interesting to see how Smith does in a tough and loud place to play on the road without some of his weapons.

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