Thursday, April 25, 2013

New York Jets First Round Selections Since 2000

by Josef Schaetzle (@Schaetz23)

Here are the New York Jets first round draft picks since 2000. It is obvious to see that the Jets have been looking for that devensive end that will be able to get to the quarterback on a consistent basis, but are yet to find him. Quinton Coples is still a young raw defensive end who might be able to turn into that dominant end, but only time will tell. The Jets have not had a dominant pass rusher since they drafted John Abraham in 2000.

This just shows who the Jets decided to draft and any Pro Bowl selections or other awards they received while with the Jets. There is no detail on how the Jets acquired the picks or got rid of their picks.


12th- Shaun Ellis- DT (Tennessee)
Seasons with Jets- 2000-2009
2x Pro Bowler 2003, 2009

13th- John Abraham- DE (South Carolina)
Seasons with Jets- 2000-2005
3x Pro Bowler 2001,2002, 2004

18th- Chad Pennington- QB (Marshall)
Seasons with Jets 2000-2007
AP 2006 Comeback Player of the Year


16th- Santana Moss- WR (Miami Fl.)
Seasons with Jets- 2001-2004


22nd- Bryan Thomas- LB (UAB)
Seasons with Jets- 2002-2012


4th- DeWayne Robertson- DT (Kentucky)
Seasons with Jets- 2003-2007


12th- Jonathan Vilma- LB (Miami Fl.)
Seasons with Jets- 2004-2007
2004 AP Defensive Rookie of the Year
2005 Pro Bowler

2005: No Pick in First Round


4th- D'Brickashaw Ferguson- OT (Virginia)
Seasons with Jets- 2006-Present
3x Pro Bowler 2009, 2010, 2011

29th- Nick Mangold- C (Ohio State)
Seasons with Jets- 2006- Present
4x Pro Bowler 2008-2011


14th- Darrelle Revis- CB (Pittsburgh)
Seasons with Jets- 2007-2012
4x Pro Bowler 2008-2011
2009 AFC Defensive Player of the Year


6th- Vernon Gholston- DE (Ohio State)
Seasons with Jets- 2008-2010

30th- Dustin Keller- TE (Purdue)
Seasons with Jets- 2008-2012


5th- Mark Sanchez- QB (USC)
Seasons with Jets- 2009- Present
Tied for most playoff road victories with 4.


29th- Kyle Wilson- CB (Boise State)
Seasons with Jets- 2010- Present


30th- Muhammad Wilkerson- DE (Temple)
Seasons with Jets- 2011- Present


16th- Quinton Coples- DE (North Carolina)
Seasons with Jets- 2012- Present


9th- ???

13th- (from Tampa in Revis trade) ???

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