Monday, April 22, 2013

Revis Island No Longer Located in New York

By Ryan McDonald (@RonnieMac90)

The Darrelle Revis trade has been in the works all off-season. It finally happened on April 21st, trading Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In return, the Jets acquired the Bucs 1st round pick in this draft, number 13, and a fourth round pick in 2014.

In comparison to the other big trade this NFL off-season, the Percy Harvin deal from Minnesota to Seattle, the Vikings received Seattle’s 1st and 5th round picks in 2013 and a third rounder in 2014. So it would appear that Percy Harvin, a pro-bowl level wide receiver is worth more than the best cornerback in the league in Revis. Another conclusion drawn from this could be that the Jets simply got robbed and should have got more than two picks.

Despite the lackluster haul the Jets received for Revis, this was the correct move. With no quarterback, no apparent workhorse at running back, lack of receiving weapons, and no real defensive pass rusher, the Jets upcoming season has a bleak outlook even with Revis. It was time to go in another direction and that direction is not to pay a player 16 million a year.

This trade will most likely end Rex Ryan’s reign as New York Jets head coach at the end of the 2013 season. With no Revis, the chances of what Ryan needed to accomplish to keep his job, which is a playoff berth, looks even further away than what it did before. A playoff berth would’ve been a stretch before this trade with the roster as it is currently, and unless they hit the jackpot in the draft with great player selections at 9 and 13, his goal has gotten even further away.

However, the future, which in this case is past the 2013 season, looks promising. The Jets will receive several compensatory picks in 2014 for not signing free agents in the off-season. It is expected to be 4 picks in total and they’ll be from the 3rd round to the 7th. The Jets will enter rebuilding mode and draft picks are always essential to the rebuilding process.

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